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Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Product Name:Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Product Type:AT711、AT712

AT711、AT712  Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Metal Jacketed Gasket is based on 0.2-0.6 mm thick soft metallic stripe which acts as the shell material, filled with non-nature fibre like graphite, asbestos or ceramics. It often needs some certain shape rods when used in heat exchanger. We can produce square, oval and other sort of shapes metal jacketed gasket. According to their shell material and filler material, the maximum operating pressure and temperature are normally from 6.0 to 10.0MPa and 1000 oC, respectively. The resilience for metal jacketed gasket is low which is mainly depended on the materials. But high quality flanges with good surface and preload capability are required. It is usually used for heat exchanger, pressure vessel and valve flange, and so on. Two types of metal jacketed gaskets, they areAT711Metal Jacketed Gasket,AT712Corrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket.


Metal shell  Filler 
Domestic serial 

foreign serial number 

Soft iron  Soft Iron Asbestos
Low-carbon steel  CS PTFE 
0Cr18Ni9 304 Non-asbestos fibre
00Cr19Ni10  304L  Ceramic fibre
0Cr17Ni12Mo2 316  
00Cr17Ni14Mo2 316L  
0Cr18Ni11Ti  321  
1Cr13  410  
Copper Copper   
Aluminun Aluminun  
Monel Monel-400  
Titanium Titanium  



Code No.  Name 剖面图
AT711 Metal Jacketed Gaskets
AT712 Corrugated Metal Jacketed Type  Gaskets 

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